As an experienced mystery shopping company, we can give our shoppers clear instructions on where to visit and what to look out for. This hands-on approach to evaluating your business from a third-party perspective at any time of day provides a more honest review than other methods.

Best of all almost any type of business can be catered for, even if you previously thought it may not be possible. Recent enquiries from clients have enabled us to complete a wide variety of undercover projects, including the small selection listed below.

Bars Call centres Care homes Casinos
Gyms Takeaways Franchises Hairdressers
Hotels Restaurants Retailers Websites

How It Works

Since your staff and management won’t know who is testing them, it ensures that the results are typical. What that means for you is that problems and areas for improvement can be revealed at an inexpensive cost in comparison to the benefits.

Feedback from our undercover shoppers will be extremely fast and your results will be actionable almost straight away. Since they will be treated as a regular customer, they won’t draw attention to themselves or unfurl any truths about their experience there and then. However, after their visit they will deliver the results to us (in text, audio or even visual format) so we can professionally analyse them and report the findings back to you. By revealing where your company is losing sales, profits and generally wasting money, this can be quickly be amended.

No matter what business you’re in, knowing what is happening on the floor, in your competitors’ shops and what your customers really experience is so valuable in helping your company succeed. Our secret shoppers can instantly help you improve your customer satisfaction and reduce costs, ultimately improving your organisation’s growth, profits and repeat custom.

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