Mystery Shopper Company & Jobs in Swindon

Whether you already have a job or you’re looking for one, anyone can become a mystery shopper. It’s a paid position that lets you sample, review and report your findings on businesses in the Swindon area. Companies are crying out for third-party people like you to go and test the customer service, products and services that are on offer to see if there is anyway of amending different aspects of their business from actual feedback from an impartial undercover customer.

The great news is that it’s free to join a mystery shopper programme and there are endless vacancies available. More and more businesses want mystery shoppers to test different aspects of their company, as well as check on their competitors to see where enhancements are needed. It’s a deeply rewarding job that many people love to do as they don’t just get paid for their time, but also get to keep products, eat free food, stay in hotels or test sample products that they would have normally bought anyway.

For the businesses that hire mystery shoppers in Swindon, they get to find out if their company has any inefficiencies, any staff that need retrained or any problems that are encountered on a day-to-day basis. Normally, managers and company officials won’t see the true daily habits of staff or the way the business is run, and this is why mystery shoppers are so valuable. If a problem is found in a shop in Swindon, then other stores around the country could be being affected also so the cost savings for the company could be huge if something is uncovered.

If you want to become a mystery shopper, you may be asked to visit shopping centres such as Greenbridge, Orbital Shopping Park or Stratton. You might also find vacancies for mystery shopper jobs in restaurants such as KFC, Pizza Hut or even Frankie & Bennies. No matter what company needs mystery shoppers there are agencies available that explain which vacancies are available. The best part about mystery shopper jobs is there are no fees, you get paid for your time and there are many free products or services you get to keep or try out.