Mystery Shopper Company & Jobs in Southampton

If you’re looking for an additional income from a job that is easy to get, fun to do and worthwhile then why not try your hand at mystery shopping jobs. Southampton is awash with shopping centres and establishments that could use your services as a mystery shopper. If you love to shop and want the very best from your favourite shops, then you can go in undercover, act like a normal customer and report back to the mystery shopping agency of your findings. If there are any problems with the way business is conducted, any staff that seem out of their depth or if you can see anything that needs enhancing then companies are willing to pay good money for that information.

It’s a very rewarding job and agencies always have vacancies available. It’s an easy way to earn an extra income each month and what’s more, you get to keep the goods that you are required to test or you get to stay in a fancy hotel or dine at a restaurant free of charge. There are no agency fees required, you simply sign up and wait for your invitations for mystery shopper jobs.

For companies in Southampton, whether you’re based in Marlands Shopping Centre or WestQuay Shopping Centre, or even on the high street, you can employ a mystery shopper to enter your establishment, call your call centre or use your services and gain extremely valuable feedback on actual events that happen. When you check the day-to-day running of your company, staff will act differently, the service will be tighter and you won’t get an accurate display of what actually happens when you’re not there. A mystery shopper is the answer as they can act like a customer and report their exact findings back to you.

As the economic climate is still tough, more and more onus is on being better than the competition. Companies regularly send mystery shoppers to Southampton shops to see what their rivals do better than them. This information is vital for staying competitive and it’s why so many people in Southampton love to put themselves forward for mystery shopping jobs as they are given a very interesting and valuable thing to do.