Mystery Shopper Company & Jobs in Sheffield

Sheffield is home to more than half a million people and with our love for shopping, there are so many retailers and high street stores that are out there. The city centre is packed with indoor markets, the Peace Gardens and its swanky bars, the Moor with its outlet stores, and of course Meadowhall and Crystal Peaks. With so many retailers and businesses competing for the same customers, it’s important for companies to utilise the services of mystery shoppers in order to gain a customer-level opinion about the service.

Customer satisfaction is one area of business that is difficult to measure. If you feel that your customers aren’t being retained and are migrating to the competitors, maybe it’s a problem within your business that is causing it. With an undercover shopper there are so many factors that can be observed and reported back on, which can then be analysed and measured, and most importantly, acted upon. Without bias, the mystery shopper can relay information of how customers are dealt with and if there are any areas unbeknown to the employer that cause problems.

For those that live in Sheffield and are looking for extra work, joining a mystery shopping agency is a great way to earn a living, add an additional income and give something back to companies and businesses that strive to make Sheffield have the best shops with the best customer service possible. It doesn’t just have to be clothing or electronic shops that need the services of a secret shopper. Restaurants, lawyers, hotels and even public transport can all be observed and fed back to the employers. Staying on top of any problems can be difficult with site visits but with undercover shoppers, no one knows they are taking notes.

For the agents, they receive payments and get to keep the products, go on flights, holidays or stay in luxury hotel suites which are all worth it for the company involved as they receive exceptional information that is not only valuable but can change the way a store runs and indeed have those changes implemented on a national level.