Mystery Shopper Company & Jobs in Plymouth

When you need a secret shopper for your business, we have a wide range of shoppers that can help uncover problems, report back on customer service and the overall feeling your customers are left with. Using a mystery shopper agency is a great way to receive an unbiased account of what happens on a daily basis within your firm. By finding out what customers’ perceptions are of your company, you can implement changes and amend them in order to raise customer retention.

For those that are looking for jobs in Plymouth, one of the best ways to find regular and consistent work is to use our mystery shopping agency. As there are many businesses battling for the same customer-base, such as retail shops in Drake’s Circus and at the Independent Corner, as well as hotels and restaurants, there are always jobs and vacancies available.

The role of a mystery shopper would be to go into businesses undercover and purchase goods or sample the cuisine at restaurants, and report back their findings. The information can show whether there is a need for retraining staff, amending the standards the company sets and which staff should be commended. The findings may also uncover any glaring errors or give reasons why customers may not return, and this can be addressed. For the company, making regular changes as trends change is very important and if there are nationwide problems found in the Plymouth branches, then the cost-saving measures can be quite substantial. Therefore, using a mystery shopping company is so valuable to any business to remain at the top of their game and competitive.

Fashion shops, electronic retailers and chain hotels in Plymouth all need regular mystery shoppers and this means there are always vacancies available for secret shopper jobs. Although there aren’t many fancy restaurants in Plymouth, there are still many that could utilise the feedback and the valuable information that a mystery shopper can provide. Using a secret shopper agency can also be used for your competition too, so you can keep track of market trends and changes, and act upon them accordingly.