Mystery Shopper Company & Jobs in Oxford

Whether you’re looking for part-time work in Oxford or just an extra income on the side of your main job, contacting a mystery shopping agency is a great idea. Mystery shoppers are employed to observe, test and check-up on the consistency of the customer service in shops, restaurants and hotels all over Oxford.

For the firms involved, employing a mystery shopping agency to send mystery shoppers into businesses is a great way of seeing if the staff are fully-trained, adhering with good business practices and make sure that the company is running the way it should. By having an undercover shopper checking up on the service, the company can ensure that there is no bias or anything different that would obscure the results. That way, the results are as accurate as possible and if any problems are uncovered then remedying the problem could save the company thousands. That’s why they pay well to find out this information and the best part is there is no experience necessary.

Not only does having a mystery shopping uncover any problems but it can assist in retaining customers as there could be customer service issues that need dealing with. This is vital information that can be relayed back to the company in question and it’s why many people search for mystery shopper vacancies because it’s a booming industry nowadays. In fact, companies are willing to pay well as they could find problems in one shop that might be replicated across stores nationally and the savings from fixing the problems could run into the millions.

When you apply for a mystery shopper job in Oxford, you might be asked to visit restaurants along the high street, Banbury Road or Kind Edward Street and sample the food, observe staff and ensure that the establishment is clean and well-kept. You might be asked to purchase goods from shopping centres and relay information back of your experience. Were the staff helpful, kind and cheerful? Was the transaction smooth and would you return. These sorts of questions make a big impact on retaining customers and it’s why big companies need evidence to act upon so they can make the buying experience for customers better.