Mystery Shopper Company & Jobs in Norwich

If you’re looking for a fun, exciting and well-paid job, then why not become a mystery shopper. Norwich is the perfect place to take on the mantle of being a mystery shopper as there are many big businesses and shopping centres, such as Chapelfield Mall and Castle Mall. The reason that many large companies need the services of a mystery shopper is that the feedback is genuine and from actual events, not conducted from a manager checking up on the customer service. A mystery shopper is exactly that: a real customer that acts as any other customer would, but feeds back the data collected from their experiences.

For the mystery shopper, it’s a fun way to earn money. There are lots of benefits to be had by the feedback and that’s why having mystery shoppers are so sought-after. There are always vacancies, so if you’re looking for a part-time job or simply want an extra stream of income, then join a mystery shopping agency today. Giving your observations, feedback and views on how a business is missing out, how the staff deal with customers and what areas could do with enhancing is a great help to large businesses and you might even unfurl a problem that is seen in retail shops around the country.

It’s not just retail stores that require the services of mystery shoppers, there are restaurants, hotels and call centres that can benefit. Feeding back accurate data to the mystery shopping company helps them change their ways, retrain staff or leave it as it is if all is well. This checking, observing and monitoring is a great way of maintaining the best customer service possible and in this dire economic climate it’s important to retain customers and keep them happy.

For those looking for mystery shopping jobs in Norwich, there are many vacancies just waiting to be filled. It’s free to sign up and once you’re registered you simply wait for an invitation to a job. In many cases, you get your travel expenses paid for, you might even get to stay a night in a hotel or be paid for buying goods in shops that you probably know well anyway.