Mystery Shopper Company & Jobs in Northampton

Northampton is teeming with mystery shopping jobs at the moment. It’s an extremely popular way for large businesses to control the quality of customer service and the way the business is run by having undercover shoppers’ feedback information of their experiences. It’s also a great way to check up on the competition to see if their own business can be enhanced.

If you’re looking for a part time job or an extra stream of income, then mystery shopping is a great way to do it. If you love to visit hotels, dine out and go shopping then this is the job for you. In Northampton, there are many businesses that require the needs of a mystery shopper, such as along Abington Street, Peacock Place and the Grosvenor Centre. As shops, restaurants and hotels battle for position in the marketplace there is a need to stay well-ahead of the competition and the only true way of doing that is to check that all business codes of practice are being adhered to. As a mystery shopper it’s your job to go undercover and see if there are any areas that needed changing, kept the same or if there are any problems that only a customer would see.

What a way to earn a living! You get paid to eat, sleep and shop at your favourite shops. You’re paid for simply observing what day-to-day life is like in big businesses. Once you register with a mystery shopping company you are then emailed or telephoned offering you a project to take on. You might have to remember all of the details you see as there might not be a chance to jot down notes, but as much as you’re doing a great job for the company involved it’s also an extremely exciting way to earn money.

If you live in Northampton and want an extra income then mystery shopper jobs are the perfect way to do it. Similarly, if you run a business and need mystery shoppers to help you see from an impartial viewpoint what actually happens from a customer-level, then you can hire mystery shoppers and get ahead of the competition.