Mystery Shopper Company & Jobs in Newcastle

Newcastle is renowned for its shops, bars, restaurants and has many amazing places to visit. With Northumberland Street and Eldon Square teeming with shops, both chain stores and exclusive boutiques, it’s no wonder there are so many mystery shopper jobs available. If you’re looking for an additional income or a part-time job, a mystery shopper agency is a great way to find not only regular but exciting work, too.

Joining a mystery shopping agency is free to do and the work is assigned to those that are available and live nearby. It could be that you’re required to stay a night in one of the hotels on the Quayside, or dine at a restaurant on Dean Street, or buy items from a retailer in the Metro Centre. Whatever you’re assigned, you will be paid for each job and normally get to keep the purchased goods. As you can imagine, it’s quite a lucrative job to have and as there are so many companies in Newcastle require mystery shoppers there is a never-ending amount of vacancies.

For the retailers, using the services of a mystery shopper enables them to find out exactly what it’s like being a customer without the employees acting differently. It gives a clear picture of what it’s like on a daily basis, and in many cases, the undercover shopper might notice areas that need improvement, such as safety, security or where money is being wasted. This unbiased and impartial feedback is vitally important for employers to remain competitive in the marketplace and will uncover areas where retraining staff might be required.

As the secret shopper is needed to keep a low profile and make mental notes of their shopping experience, it’s an enjoyable job and one that many Geordies like to take part in. With so many retailers vying for the same customers, it’s important that they retain their customer-base, whether that’s a small outlet on Grainger Street or a large national store in Eldon Gardens. If making an extra income doing something fun and exciting sounds interesting then sign up to our mystery shopping agency today.