Mystery Shopper Company & Jobs in Manchester

If you love shopping, dining out and visiting hotels, then being a mystery shopper is one of the most perfect jobs you can do. In Manchester, there are so many shopping centres, retail parks and businesses in general that benefit from the information provided to them by an undercover shopper that there are always vacancies for new staff. There is no fee to pay to join a mystery shopping company and it’s one of the most rewarding jobs you can do.

For companies that want to upgrade their customer retention records, ensure their customers are receiving the best service and want to see if there are any costs that can be reduced or any staff that could benefit from being retrained, then mystery shoppers are perfect. Finding out information from a customer level, with no bias or agenda reveals the truth about what customers actually experience. Businessess in Manchester and all over the UK can benefit from this, especially if problems are found in a retail chain shop that could account for losses across the country.

As Manchester has the infamous Arndale Centre, Market Street, the Millennium Quarter and the Trafford Centre, there are simply thousands of retailers that could benefit from mystery shoppers. With jobs sometimes being hard to find, becoming a secret shopper is a great way to earn a living and enjoy being paid to shop or eat, simply by observing what happens from the customer’s point of view. Whether it’s buying items from Harvey Nichols, trying sushi at The Triangle, or visiting a national retailer at the Corn Exchange, there are many mystery shopper vacancies available.

It’s not just the employers themselves that look for information about their own shops, but they use mystery shopping companies and agents to see what their competitors are doing differently. This is particularly important to keep up with trends and ensure that customer retention stays high. For the shopper, it’s exciting working undercover and being assigned tasks to uncover truths about customer service and why customer satisfaction might be low. There is also a sense of accomplishment as your findings as a secret shopper agent could affect businesses all over the UK, not just in Manchester!