Mystery Shopper Company & Jobs in London

Everyone loves shopping, especially if someone else is paying. This might only happen on the silver-screen but if you register to be a mystery shopper that’s exactly what could happen. Businesses all over London are vying for their space in the competitive market and every customer that walks through the door is important to the company’s profitability. Of course, there are window-shoppers but as an undercover shopper you might be able to help the business know where sales are being lost and why customers leave empty-handed.

There are many vacancies for mystery shoppers in London as there are hundreds of thousands of businesses that could benefit from the services. A mystery shopping company is used by a company to see what the whole sales process is like from a customer’s perception. That goes for any business, whether it’s an upmarket restaurant in Mayfair or a chic fashion store on Carnaby Street, or even a hotel near Hyde Park, there is no end to the jobs available for mystery shoppers.

Gaining this vital information from the secret shoppers, companies can instantly see where their profits are being swallowed up and if their staff stick to company guidelines and industry standards. It could be so much as an unfriendly staff member that drives customers away and therefore the undercover shopper can let the company know that retraining might be the order of the day. Such insight from real customers that will give completely unbiased reviews about the company and its general day-to-day service is a great way to save on costs too.

For the secret shopper and the sheer multitude of shops, boutiques, businesses and organisations in London, there are so many vacancies and opportunities to become a mystery shopper that it’s a great place to start. In most cases, the assignments will most likely be for shops and restaurants you’ve already frequented, and not only do you get to keep the products or receive free meals, but you’re paid a good amount for your time and service. Being highly observant, over 18 years old and able to report in detail about how satisfied a customer is during the sales process is all that is required.


  1. Westfield London Shopping Centre
  2. Harrods Knightsbridge