Mystery Shopper Company & Jobs in Liverpool

With so many people competing for the same jobs, there are some vacancies in Liverpool that are always open. Mystery shopper jobs are available for anyone over the age of 18 years old and that are looking for an additional income. Secret shoppers are required to purchase goods, sample services and even stay in hotels to report back their findings about customer service and the business as a whole.

Undercover workers need to observe, account and document their findings, and are paid for the time as well as get to keep the products they are asked to buy. In many cases, the mystery shopper would most likely shop at those stores anyway so it’s a win-win situation. Some restaurant owners might want to see why their customers only visit once and it could be due to the service level is low or the food is not as good as the menu describes. A mystery diner would be required to sample the food, unbeknown to the waiters and waitresses, and report their findings in an unbiased way. If it’s a chain restaurant, then it could uncover problems on a national scale, which would be very beneficial in reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

Companies regularly employ mystery shopping agencies as they provide an impartial view of their business from a customer level. The results and information gathered can be utilised and acted upon, and it could generate increases in profitability and reduce costs at the same time. This is the sort of information that companies are willing to pay good money for and it’s why there are always mystery shopper jobs available in Liverpool.

With large shopping centres such as the Grand Central and the Bluecoat, there are hundreds of national stores and retail outlets that can benefit from undercover shoppers finding out why customers prefer other businesses. Liverpool One and the MetQuarter also have a wide range of shops from electronic outlets to designer clothing boutiques. As the companies are competing viciously amongst each other, being one step ahead of the others can make huge differences, and using mystery shoppers is key to providing this.