Mystery Shopper Company & Jobs in Exeter

In Exeter there are many large businesses and chain stores that benefit from the services of mystery shoppers. Customers that work undercover pose as real customers and feedback their reports to the mystery shopping agency. They are paid for their time and any expenses that are incurred. The company involved does not know who is the mystery shopper and the staff aren’t notified. The results are outstanding for businesses to tweak their customer service or customers’ experiences so they can retain them and turn them into repeat customers.

The High Street in Exeter is the perfect place for mystery shoppers to operate. It’s a great way for people to earn an extra income from visiting shops they regularly use anyway. Mystery shoppers are also needed for hotels and restaurants, which are usually part of a chain which means that any problems that are found in Exeter might occur elsewhere in the country so the benefits of problem-solving for the company can be huge. That means they are willing to pay good money to mystery shoppers for their observations and experiences as a ‘customer’.

Whether you’re invited for a job for independent shops on Fore Street or Cathedral Green in Exeter, you can be assured that if you live in the area you’ll most-likely be familiar with the shops anyway. This means that you can feel comfortable in going in, buying items or sampling food at the restaurant and be able to give a fuller, more-rounded evaluation of the customer experience. This level of feedback can be extremely valuable for a company looking for mystery shoppers as it can sometimes save them hundreds, thousands or even millions of pounds.

This is why it’s just as important for the company involved as well as the mystery shopper as the payment received by the shopper is quite substantial but it’s a great investment in data collection for the company. Many companies also ask mystery shoppers to visit their competitors’ establishments so that they can gauge what they do differently and how they might be missing out on potential customers from the feedback garnered from mystery shoppers.