Mystery Shopper Company & Jobs in Edinburgh

With a mix of chain retailers, boutiques and one-off exclusive stores, Edinburgh has a wide range of businesses that can benefit from a mystery shopper. The undercover customer buys items, eats in restaurants and sees films at the cinemas, and reports back their opinions on the customer service and the whole experience. This is then acted on by the company as they will be able to narrow down the problem and solve it. As you can imagine, this level of feedback is very valuable to the company in question and it can help maximise profitability.

For anyone looking for jobs in Edinburgh, signing up to a secret shopper agency is a great way to earn an additional income and it’s also fun and exciting work. With Multrees Walk, Princes Street and the Royal Mile, as well as many more places around the city, there are so many vacancies and opportunities for undercover shoppers. The assignments are emailed to the shopper, or they are telephoned, and they are given funds to buy items, sample cuisine at restaurants or stay in a hotel overnight. The shopper then has to document what they observe and how they are treated by staff, and are paid a fee for each job. Joining a mystery shopper company is also free of charge, so there really is no reason not to join up.

From George Street to Cockburn Street, or the restaurants at the Grassmarket, there are so many companies that can benefit from using a mystery shopper. Vacancies also exist for researching competitor firms to uncover why their customers choose different brands and what they offer differently. This level of investigation allows employers to understand the day-to-day differences amongst businesses and companies are more than willing to pay for that information in order to be more competitive in their niche.

So, if you’re looking for jobs in Edinburgh and there isn’t many available, don’t forget there will always be mystery shopper agencies looking for agents to go undercover and research why and how customer satisfaction can be increased, which is so important for businesses all over the city.