Mystery Shopper Company & Jobs in Derby

Becoming a mystery shopper is something that many people are doing in the UK. In Derby, for instance, there is the £340m Westfield Derby shopping centre that is the perfect place for mystery shoppers to operate. With more and more chain retail outlets, there is more competition and for big businesses it’s necessary to invest money into finding out exactly what the customer’s experience is really like.

This means there are vacancies for mystery shoppers in Derby all of the time. You simply register with a mystery shopping agency for free and wait for an invitation to a job. Your expenses are paid for and you are paid for your time, too. So, it’s a fantastic way to earn extra income on the side of your main job or as a part-time position. You simply pretend to be a customer and relay the information you see back to the company. The staff will treat you as a customer and it’s your job to look for any problems, customer service issues or anything that affects the profitability of the shop. Many companies, such as hotels, restaurants and call centres use the services of a mystery shopper to give a better level of service to their customers in order to retain them.

For company managers and owners, it’s important to stay ahead of the competition so you can monitor what your business does compared to theirs. This is a great way to gather impartial views from a third-party about your company. If you run a series of shops across the country, you could even find something that needs changing everywhere and this could save your firm lots of money. This investment for mystery shoppers is a great way to give people jobs in the Derby area as well as get first-hand evidence what it’s actually like to be a customer.

In the dire economic times, businesses in the UK need to keep hold of their customers and entice them back time and time again. Without the help from mystery shoppers, it’s incredibly difficult to get an accurate idea of what customers experience when they come into your shop.