Mystery Shopper Company & Jobs in Cambridge

Supermarkets, retail outlets, restaurants and almost any business in Cambridge can benefit from the information a mystery shopper can give them. By using a mystery shopping agency, businesses can utilise their services and receive feedback on their company from a customer’s point of view. Asking customers to fill out surveys and questionnaires rarely gives an insight into the actual customer experience, and that’s where a secret shopper is such a valuable part of running a successful business.

Cambridge has a myriad of shopping centres and business areas, such as on King’s Parade, Downing Street and smaller retailers such as those based on All Saints Passage. Each one can benefit from hearing about how the employees handle customers, what the state of the shop or restaurant is like when management aren’t around and if there are any security or safety problems. This information is vital in being able to reduce costs or increase customer satisfaction which in turn increases retention, and more often than not, this information isn’t available in any other way.

A mystery shopping agency is the ideal company for job-seekers to sign up to. There is no fee to pay and when an assignment comes in, the secret shopper is telephoned or sent an email. They would then be given instructions and told to buy an item from the shop in question. In many cases, they get to keep the items and are paid for their time. As you can see, this is a great way to earn money and find jobs in Cambridge.

Mystery shoppers could be asked to visit the retailers and national stores in the Grafton Centre, and remember, competitors regularly use undercover shoppers to see what other businesses in their sector do differently in order to claim more market share. Therefore, there are always vacancies in Cambridge for mystery shoppers and it’s one of the best ways to top-up your income. In most cases, the shoppers will most likely already shop at the retailers they are asked to visit and would normally buy the items, too, which is perfect for the secret shopper as they get to keep those items.