Mystery Shopper Company & Jobs in Birmingham

Mystery shoppers are a vital way for companies in Birmingham to evaluate customer satisfaction and other areas of their business by having someone pose as a customer in their business. The undercover shopper will then relay information back to the mystery shopping company who then can analyse or compare the results against metrics for that particular industry. These results can unfurl a myriad of problem areas that can be quickly identified and acted upon, and in many cases, it can have an instant and positive effect on the company’s profitability.

For people living in Birmingham looking for jobs as a mystery shopper, there are many opportunities. It’s so easy to sign up and be registered on the database, and when a suitable job comes up in your area, you are paid for your time and in many cases get to keep the purchases you’re asked to make or get free meals if it’s a restaurant that requires a secret diner. Whether it’s the upmarket restaurants in St Paul’s Square or the fashion stores on Hurst Street, to the many shops in Martineau Place, there are many mystery shopper vacancies and assignments available.

As Birmingham is England’s second largest city and has a mix of industry and commercial zones, and with many companies competing for the same customers there is a need for mystery shoppers. Upgrading customer service, enhancing customer satisfaction and retaining customers is all part of the process and as an undercover shopper can give an unbiased insight into helping the company make changes for the better, they are willing to pay good money for that information.

For the shopper, it’s a job that is exciting and both demanding. The jobs in Birmingham might be on the high street, at the Jewellery Quarter or in the new stores on Corporation Street, and there could quite easily be regular work for those looking for a part-time income. What’s more, joining a mystery shopping company is free to do and you could find yourself being offered an assignment quickly after signing up. Businesses will not only check on their own staff but on their competitors too, so it’s a never ending process that means there will be regular vacancies.