Mystery Shopping Company & Jobs in Belfast

With Belfast being a haven for businesses to set up and draw customers, there is huge competition and for companies in the city, the need to keep their ideas fresh, the costs low and ensure that there are no problems is very important.

One great way to measure customer satisfaction is to invest in a mystery shopping company. By allowing secret shoppers to test employees and see what buying things from their establishment is really like, is a good way of finding out just what it’s like from an unbiased view.

Mystery shoppers are paid a fee and are asked to buy products, eat at restaurants or stay in hotels. They basically perform the job of a customer but relay information back to the agency which gets measured and can provide in-depth information that in many cases helps the company save lots of money and increases customer satisfaction from uncovering problem areas. Visiting retailers and outlets does not give a true account of what customers experience, but that’s why undercover shoppers are used.

If you’re looking for jobs in Belfast, there are always mystery shopping jobs for agencies. It’s free to join and you simply wait for assignments to be offered to you once you’re listed on the database. You’re paid and get to keep the products you’re asked to buy, and all you need to do is relay all observations, your opinions and look for problems that would stop customers from wanting to return. This way, the company receives unbiased accounts, the secret shopper has an exciting and interesting job, and the information that is drawn from the process can affect not only that shop but other outlets on a national level. This is why mystery shoppers are so beneficial to industries and establishments.

Whether it’s the independent units at Smithfield Market or one of the many high street retailers, there will always be vacancies for mystery shopping jobs. Belfast has a high number of chain outlets on the high street, and therefore jobs as mystery shoppers might be offered to many people in order to gain an even more truer account of what customers experience at different times of the week.


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