Almost all businesses can utilise a mystery shopper, especially hotel owners. As there are many franchised hotels around the country, keeping a tight reign on sites is important to maximise profitability. If you run a hotel and want to explore your competitor’s hotels or check why one site is hemorrhaging money, then a secret shopper is the ideal person to relay this information. Preparing the shopper and making sure they focus on key areas, such as the cleanliness of the rooms, how problems are dealt with, the overall customer service and friendliness of the staff, you can use the information the bring back to understand what customers really experience.

This in-depth review of a hotel will not only make light of problem areas but it will highlight where the hotel really performs. This information can be used and implemented across other hotels around the country, so for the secret shopper, that means their work is so beneficial and rewarded not only in terms of money and getting to stay in nice hotels, but it can help change the way the business is run and it all stems from their reporting and opinions on the hotel in question.

The hotel owners will be able to see exactly which areas need improvement to enhance customer service or which staff need rewarded for working within the industry guideliness, sticking to procedures and going one step further to increase customer satisfaction. Mystery shoppers can be used to point out why other hotels are easier, friendly and more enjoyable to stay at. Having not one but a few different experiences from other hotels to work at will make your hotel or chain of hotels raise the standards across the board and this can have instant affects on profitability.

For anyone looking for part-time work that is both exciting and pays well, mystery shopping is fast becoming the most popular way to do so. It’s simple to join, and once your name is on the database you are offered work as an undercover shopper. What this means for companies is they can get instant results on customer service, explore the data for any leakages in security or if there are unexplained costs, and to get a good feel of what the company as a whole is like for an impartial shopper.

For the mystery shopper themselves, it means that they are paid to go to hotels around the UK and stay for one or more nights. Everyone loves to stay in hotels as everything is right there to hand, and the most exciting part is that you need to stay observant the whole time watching intently how the staff deal with things, taking mental notes and jotting down your experiences without anyone knowing.

As you can see, whether you’re looking for part-time work that is fun and engaging or you run a hotel and want to see from a customer’s point of view what actually happens, therefore mystery shopping is such a valuable asset to any hotel or chain.