For package holiday companies and tour operators, investing in mystery shoppers is a great way to keep track of what your franchisees, staff and contractors do during everyday work. With large organisations having many shops on every high street around the country, it can be difficult to keep track of what is going on and why certain ones do well and others don’t. By setting a target for an under shopper, the firm can successfully retrieve hands-on feedback and opinions from the shopper. The results can be evaluated and measured to see what can be improved.

The beauty of a secret shopper for a package holidays operator is that if there are problems, they can be instantly flagged up and remedied. Setting new standards or retraining staff to fulfil the company’s needs can bring profits up and drive costs down in a very short space of time. The reason mystery shoppers are used is because they pose as real customers, buy real holidays and go through with the transaction from start to finish. The employees cannot help but act in their normal manner and as they do not know they are being evaluated and reviewed, the results are much more accurate than any other way.

On the flip-side, mystery shoppers love these types of projects as they not only get to give their feedback about a company and service in the normal way, but they get to go on the holidays too. This sees the whole process through to the end and each staff member, service and aspect of a package holiday can be evaluated. Of course, the secret shopper will be working, observing, note taking and making mental notes about how they are treated, what standards are being met, how the other guests are being served and this means they need to have a good attitude and not lose sight of the main goal in question. There is also a financial reward for the mystery shopper, not only expenses and the package holiday, so all-in-all, it’s a very beneficial type of service to provide.

As the package holiday mystery shopper service can be very detailed and require a certain type of person that is willing to go on holiday and work at all times, it’s quite an exclusive job but airline companies and package holiday operators are willing to invest heavily into the results that a mystery shopper can give them. The feedback and measurable results can be analysed in depth so that the firm can see exactly which areas need addressing, whether staff need to be commended or disciplined and retrained, and whether external influences are dealt with in the proper manner according to industry and company standards.

By acting upon the results, the package holiday operator can increase bookings, gain repeat customers and maintain or enhance its reputation. The holiday industry relies on mystery shoppers as they can provide an all-round service across many different situations but ones that all focus on the exact experiences that their real customers encounter.