The areas that airlines are always working on improving include the amount of lost luggage and why it gets lost, the waiting times for gates and flights, as well as any over-booking. Although airlines can send out customer service surveys, they do not give a true picture of what actually happens day-to-day during flights. A secret shopper can document and detail everything they see, which is then collated and used to measure the effect on business.

When the airline uses mystery shoppers on flights, whether its their own or their competitor’s flights, they can quickly solve any problems where opportunities are being missed, money is being lost and industry standards aren’t being met. Methods to reduce time delays, increase performance, find out whether staff need to extra training and understand where and why custom is being lost can have a major impact on the business.

Many people love to take part in mystery shopping as it lets them have their say and opinion on the level of customer service they receive and feed their experiences back to the company involved. This means that secret shoppers can have a direct effect on how the company will change its ways, values or standard of service. It’s also very exciting and has the potential to be a good way to earn money.

If you would like to take part on mystery shopping on flights, then as a secret shopper you would be required to observe what the ticket staff are like, what level of service you receive on the flight itself and that all safety notices and demonstrations are in order. For the undercover shopper, that means they usually get a free flight, money and expenses paid for, and in return their valuable insight into the daily runnings of the flights and everything to do with it, is very useful for the company.

Although secret shoppers enjoy taking projects for shopping centres, telephoning call centres and visiting businesses to engage with the staff and test their knowledge and adherence to standards, mystery shopping on flights is even more exciting. By being able to give an impartial and direct account of the experiences without having the results manipulated, which can occur if CCTV cameras are used, then the firm is receiving more accurate and honest results. The results can be measured and use metrics to gauge where they are losing custom and why their competitors do not have the same problems they do.

For the mystery shopper, they can visit exotic places around the world and detail their experience with the airline, and receive a financial payment too which makes mystery shopping on flights something very appealing to many people. It’s not only the financial aspect of being a secret shopper on flights, but they can also highlight areas where security measures are being missed or safety aspects can be enhanced for passenger safety and to save the airline from potential law suits!